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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Specialist Oriental Rugs Cleaning

Our Oriental rug cleaning system ensures that your rug is clean and hygienic to use. Whilst in our possession we guarantee that your rug will be treated with the utmost care.

Oriental rug cleaning is one of our specialities. As sellers of antique and contemporary Oriental rugs we are highly knowledgeable in this field. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality of our cleaning service.

We understand every important factor involved in rug cleaning. As a result, when you choose us you choose the experts.

As well as Oriental rug cleaning, we also clean other of types of rugs, such as European tapestries.

Did you know that you should clean your rug at least every three years?

In order to preserve the integrity, beauty and value of your rug you should clean it at least every three years. If the cleaning service is highly specialised it will also protect your rug against moths. And once cleaned, your rug will maintain its reconditioned look for many months.

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Oriental rug cleaning by specialists for spectacular results

We perform rug cleaning to the highest standards thanks to our skilled workers and high-quality products. Every rug is treated with extraordinary attention to ensure the best results.

Our comprehensive service includes

  • Specialist deep cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Colour run removal
  • Spot cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Treatment for moth removal
  • Treatment for moth protection

Our experts can clean all types of Oriental rugs and European tapestries, as well as antique and contemporary rugs, at our dedicated restoration workshop.


How much does Oriental rug cleaning cost?

The cleaning cost depends on the size, type and material of your rug. Each rug is different, so don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about what we can do for yours. Our excellent service entails FREE collection and delivery in the United Kingdom. 

oriental rug cleaning


oriental rug cleaning

oriental rug cleaning


Oriental rug cleaning: How does it work?

  1. We inspect your rug to ensure we are agreed on its materials, origin and status.
  2. We test your rug for colour resistance, among other things, to ensure your Oriental rug is suitable for cleaning.
  3. We place your rug in a machine that simulates the old fashioned beating stick. The vibrations remove any embedded grit and dirt from the foundation of the rug. This step is very important.
  4. We submerge your rug in a safe antibacterial solution to kill any germs.
  5. We conduct a process to remove any moths and discourage their return.
  6. We dry and store your rug in a dry and secure area.


Because Oriental rug cleaning, as well as cleaning other types of rugs, is a thorough process, it may take up to three weeks. However, if you need your rug back sooner then we can come to a suitable arrangement.


Why use an Oriental Rug cleaning service?

·         To preserve the value of your rug by eliminating dust, dirt and moths, all of which cause permanent damage in the long term.

·         To make it hygienic and remove any bacteria that may be dangerous for you and your family.

·      To once more enjoy the brilliant colours of your rug - you may even have forgotten what it should look like. Indeed, our thorough Oriental rug cleaning will give your rug a new lease of life.



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