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Blog on interior design & rugs

Balouch Rugs
Posted on 23 April 2014

Balouch rugs and carpets come from the geographic region of Balouchistan, an area which is part of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The area is defined by the use of the Balouch language; it is a large region which has many different ethnic groups living within it. These weavings are primarily recognised by the colour palettes used, they feature bold, dark colours such as browns, deep reds, dark blues, purples and black, although sometimes ivory is used in small quantities to highlight the patterns. The designs are often outlined in black, m... Read More

Benefits of Having a Rug Professionally Cleaned
Posted on 15 April 2014

As we have explored in our blog previously, hand woven rugs are works of art, and should be treated as such. These beautiful, often unique pieces are the result of many hours of labour and generations of knowledge and skills, and it is for this reason that they are so highly valued, both in monetary terms and for sentimental reasons. They can be in areas of heavy traffic, but even if they are not often walked over they will still be subjected to wear and tear and it is important that they are cleaned every fe... Read More

Kurdish Rugs
Posted on 12 April 2014

Kurdish rugs are very diverse, and can be of almost any designs and colours. The Kurds are an ancient Iranian tribe, who were around before the time of Christ. Nowadays they live in west Iran, east Turkey and Iraq, and the mountains of Persian Azerbaijan. The regions of Iranian Kurdistan and north-west Persia have overlapped for many years, and there are many clans and subgroups within the scattered Kurdish tribes. Although mostly Caucasian motifs and designs are used, each group produces individual designs. Antique Kurdish rugs can be flo... Read More

Rug Restoration
Posted on 08 April 2014

Over time, the condition of a rug will deteriorate, especially if it is in a high-traffic area or is exposed to a lot of sunlight. It might lose pile, the knots can become loose and the fringes and edges (selvages) can wear away. Colours can fade and dirt can become compacted in them. At Pars Rug Gallery, we have a workshop dedicated to cleaning and restoration, which is run by our highly skilled staff who have the expert knowledge required to take care of every type of rug, carpet, tapestry and needlepoint. It is vital that the correct pro... Read More

Choosing a Rug Part 2 - Placement
Posted on 02 April 2014

The addition of a rug can completely transform the look and feel of a room, it can add warmth, texture and colour, and can divide spaces or bring them together. A large area rug that covers majority of the room (usually over a wooden floor) can make a large room feel very spacious, or two smaller rugs in one large room can divide spaces, such as dining and seating areas. Firstly it is important to measure up and decide which size is best for you (see our Choosing a Size guide here), if you decide to have an area rug to fi... Read More

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