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Blog on interior design & rugs

Large Persian Rugs: One of the hottest trends in interior design
Posted on 21 April 2015

The eternal quarrel about small or big rugs under the coffee table has finally come to an end. It is official: this year is all about finding and showing off large Persian rugs.  As the trend takes hold, everyone seems to be looking for large Persian rugs to finish the look of their homes. And even celebrities cannot resist. Find out here who has caught large Persian rugs fever…       Large Persian rugs in celebrities’ homes Johnny Deep and his new w... Read More

The Faravahar symbol:Take it with you for a good life
Posted on 14 April 2015

Have you ever seen this symbol? Did you know that it is a reminder to behave yourself? The chances are you have already seen the Faravahar symbol on necklaces or in history books. But did you know it is also said to help people live good lives?     What does the Faravahar symbol stand for? The Faravahar symbol represents the closeness of Iran to Europe as far as ethics and ways of thinking are concerned. It also symbolises immortality and the enhancement of the soul after death. Fu... Read More

What a Kilim rug really looks like
Posted on 07 April 2015

A Kilim rug is a very characteristic type of rug: it can be a wonderful hanging rug, but also a very nice area rug. Kilims are flat rugs with no piles; they are from different parts of the world: Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and eastern European countries. Kilims are a very special type of rug for many because of their history, varied usage and long tradition. Nowadays different materials are used for weaving kilims. Traditional kilims are made using only natural fibres: wool, cotton, silk, hair.   3 different... Read More

KILIM RUGS UK: Find the hidden meaning
Posted on 28 March 2015

    Searching ‘Kilim rugs uk’? Well you found them… But do you know the value and the meaning of a kilim rug? If not, it is worth taking a minute to read Anika’s story, which reveals the secret hidden value of a kilim rug… “That year the winter was particularly cold. Anika was complaining about the weather all the time. At night some people of the tribe could not sleep because of the frosting air. They were living in Iran. Many think of Iran as a warm country, bu... Read More

Persian New Year: The symbols of the spring
Posted on 21 March 2015

Today, Iranians celebrate their Persian New Year, thus we would like to wish them a Happy New Year by telling a bit more about their nice festivity. The name of the event in antique Persian is Nowruz, which means New Day and indicates the beginning of a new life. Not surprisingly, this festivity overlaps with the spring’s start. The Persian New Year is a very old festivity, it derives from the Ancient Persian religion Zoroastrian and it has been celebrated for 3000 years: It is undoubtedly the bigge... Read More

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