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Why wool rugs are the best choice…

Posted on 16 June 2015
If you are trying to decipher the complex and varied world of rugs, you may be wondering why wool rugs are so popular. After all, wool is the most common material when it comes to handmade rugs.

why wool rugs - dyed wool
You might be apprehensive about buying a wool rug because there are many negative misconceptions out there. For example, you may have heard that wool rugs are not good in the summer months because they are too warm. This is just a myth.

There are many good reasons to use wool for weaving rugs and if you are not yet convinced, you certainly will be after reading this blog…

Why wool rugs? Discover the advantages wool…

Before we explore all the benefits of a wool rug, it is important to stress that the use of wool is very ancient. Indeed, nomadic tribes were among the first to appreciate the advantages of wool.

why wool rugs - Sheeps

Strength: Wool is an incredibly resistant material, which copes with wear and tear very well. In fact, the extra money you spend on a wool rug will come back to you through the rug’s longevity.

Colour: Wool is superb when it comes to absorbing dye. This is good because it gives you a very intense colour.

Stain resistance: Wool is easy to clean and very stain resistant compared with synthetic fabric.

Seasonal adaptation
: It is well known that wool is the master material of the winter. However, a lesser-known fact is that wool is actually good in summer as well. That’s because it helps absorb humid air.

Older the better: Wool rugs age beautifully. Over the years a patina-covered rug can lead to fabulous muted colours.

Feel: Have you ever walked barefoot on a wool rug? If so, you will know all about the softness. There is absolutely no comparison with artificial fibres.

persian rugs- Why wool rugs

Safety: Wool is an ideal material to ensure the safety of your home in the event of a fire risk. If a fire breaks out on wool the flames will self-extinguish. Did you know aeroplanes use wool carpets? Well, that’s why.

why wool rugs - Eco friendly

Green credentials: Being a natural fibre, wool is 100% eco-friendly. Pollution is created neither for its creation nor for its disposal.

Aesthetic advantages: A wool carpet is far easier on the eye than a synthetic one. Thanks to its natural characteristics, and particularly its colour-retention, wool makes a continuous impact on your room.



A wool rug is ideal for you if…

• You are looking for an item that will last for years.
• You want a precious object to pass down the family.
• You like natural materials.
• You want a rug that makes a dramatic impact.
• You are a person who understands the value of quality.


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