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Why are grey rugs the best for a grown up space?

Posted on 22 September 2015

 Grey rugs are an ideal solution for almost any kind of interior. If you are planning a rather modern and formal space for entertaining your guests, the neutrality of grey makes it a leading choice.

Now, you may be thinking that grey might look a bit dull. But don’t worry, there is no reason why this should be the case as long as you use it in the right way.

We all love grey rugs….

Did you know? Grey is the most searched colour for rugs on Google in the U.K.

That’s despite grey often being associated with depression, boredom, sadness etc. So why do we want grey on our floors?

Well, people love grey because it is a neutral and conformist colour. It is also the colour of maturity and responsibility.

In particular, grey rugs will give your home a certain classy and sophisticated touch. That’s because grey is also associated with elegance.

Fifty shades of grey for a grown up pad

If you have recently bought your first property you may wish to decorate your house accordingly.
The best solution is to use a lot of beiges, whites and of course greys. Not all the greys are the same. In fact, you may be surprised by the number of shades available.

• Silver grey: This is quite a dark hue of grey yet shiny. The darkness of the colour can be broken up by matching it to very bright colours.
• Pearl grey: This is a calmer, more relaxing and more trendy hue of grey.
• Blue-grey: Blue-grey brings a weave of charm and character, ideal for helping you relax. This nuance benefits from the calming effect of blue and is ideal for a coastal theme.

Grey rugs for your new home

Old Persian Tabriz
This precious Persian carpet from Tabriz is anything but dull. The light grey is paired with cream and white, making the rug appear shiny.

old Persian Tabriz - grey rugs

 Art deco rug
Without doubt, an Art deco rug is ideal for modern spaces. This particular example is stunning… The design is inspired by the artist Rex Rey and is smooth and elegant. At the same time the combination of beige, grey and blue-grey very is effective.

Art Deco rug     - grey rugs

New Traditional kilim rug
Contemporary kilims are normally very colourful. However, this traditional Kilim rug has very muted shades of grey. As a result, this hard wearing carpet is ideal for spaces that host parties.

traditional kilim rug - grey rugs
 Antique Persian Tabriz
Despite not being completely grey, this Persian Tabriz is ideal for transforming a modern lounge into a sophisticated living space. In fact, this Antique Persian carpet is suitable for modern rooms since its motifs are rather sober. The beige and sand colours give the rug balanced neutrality, which is needed in modern spaces. In addition, the light grey accents enhance its posh look.

antique Persian Tabriz - grey rugs

Grey rugs: How to get it right

As you have just seen, a grey rug is a very appealing option to inject character and elegance into a room. Therefore they are ideal for young people who want to embrace a contemporary style.

Nevertheless, grey rugs can make the room dull and unwelcoming. But this is easily solved. To liven up the atmosphere just add some colours using bright and bold pillows, lampshades and curtains.

Another thing to take into account is the overall colour scheme of your room. Remember, it is important to match your grey rug with light colours.

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