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Tribal rugs: The only rugs that have souls

Posted on 10 November 2015

Tribal rugs are very special. They seem to belong to a different era, even when they are newly made.
Tribal rugs are items that do not age and are not corrupted by modern society. In fact, they still bear witness to the ancient weaving techniques used by tribes in the past, as well as the use of colours and materials.

Even today some people associate the word tribe with being ill- disciplined or unruly. However, tribal rugs have nothing to do with such negative ideas. Rather, they are the result of a liberal expression by the weaver.

You see, tribal rugs are unique because they require the weaver to express his or her artistic wit on a carpet. Weavers can also put their stamp on a carpet, which is not required to comply with the design. As a result, tribal rugs possess a soul…

Interesting facts about tribal rugs

Tribal rugs are very distinctive. Here is a list of the main features:
• No rigid design to follow: The weaver has licence to use creativity.
• Higher quality wool: The wool derives from local animals and is spun by hand.

tribal rugs -Persian carpet
• Organic dyes: The colourants are natural and therefore very brilliant and bold.
• Made by only one weaver, normally a woman:
In tribes the ability to weave a carpet signals the passage from childhood into adulthood.
• Irreplaceable features such as Abrash: Tribal rugs proudly show off mistakes, which bring added value.
• Belong to an individual: Each carpet has been woven and thought about by an individual. Therefore each one represents a piece of history and life.


Tribal rugs now...

Nowadays tribal rugs are normally made for domestic use. But in tribes rugs are still woven for various different purposes. Indeed, they are part of everyday functionality. For example, they can be a tent cover, a cloth, a prayer mat, a blanket, a saddle and so on.

But is it still possible to find new tribal rugs nowadays?

Yes, of course. There are still tribes in Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran and other eastern countries that are able to weave the carpets.

This new traditional kilim has been woven within a tribe in Afghanistan (PICTURE).It is hard-wearing and made with the very best wool and cotton. All the dyes are organic.

Kilim rug - Triabal rug

It is clear that tribes are still weaving and honouring their traditions. However, rug workshops have been known to commission pieces from tribal communities.

Comments (2)

Chrish Benyayer
09 December 2016 at 04:45
This tribal rugs really depicts the ancient tradition.
21 August 2017 at 01:25
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