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Spring 2015: Six colours for your new Art Deco rug

Posted on 10 March 2015

Spring time, spring clean, spring change, spring redecoration…
Are you thinking about redecorating a room? Maybe you fancy making your home more stylish with an Art Deco rug

If so, you may want to check out the PANTONE®’s fashion colour report to discover what is in fashion this spring.
After all, Pantone is an industry leader and recognised authority.
From this report we can extract a selection of colours to help you choose a new style for your home.

Choosing the best colour for your Art Deco rug

Art Deco represents a celebration of modern society and the triumph of industrialisation.
The style creates a wonderful world of evasion and happiness, which epitomises the era and is still in fashion today.
It spread in the 1920s after World War One and affected art as well as lifestyle.
Art Deco rugs are normally bold and even excessive in colours and shapes, making them ideal for adding a splash of extroversion to any home.
However, there are exceptions. In fact, some Art Deco rugs are quite sober.

1. Scuba Blue
This colour (PANTONE 16-4725) is very close to turquoise, but lighter and more ‘fizzy’. It reminds me of holidays to the seaside and has a powerful calming effect.

art deco rug
2. Treetop
A natural colour, Treetop (PANTONE 18-0135), is undoubtedly a spring colour.
A rug like this can make you feel like you are a child in a playground.

art deco rug
3. Classic Blue
Not surprisingly, another colour with a calming effect is popular this season.
We did not expect a classic blue (PANTONE 19-4052), though.
Indeed, it was quite a surprise to see such a classical colour in the selection.

art deco rug
4. Custard
Custard (PANTONE 13-0720) is a very versatile nuance.
It goes with many different colours and rich patterns.
Custard always reminds me of something delicious to eat, making it an appropriate colour for a living room.

art deco rug
5. Marsala
Marsala (PANTONE 18-1438) is deemed to be the main colour of 2015.
If you are looking for Art Deco rugs, make sure that they have a splash of Marsala to be fashionable right throughout the year.

6. Glacier Grey
Would you like to have a very classy bedroom with an extraordinary and explosive carpet?
If so, you are likely to favour several Glacier Grey Art Deco rugs.
The colour PANTONE 14-4102 is fairly neutral and easy to find in many patterns.

art deco rug
Navigating your way through the multitude of Art Deco rugs
The category of Art Deco rugs is very broad.
That is why you might wish to take advice on what colours blend in best with the rest of your furniture.

Search the Internet or books extensively to find the type of Art Deco rug you like.
You may be inclined towards geometric shapes and cutting angles.
Alternatively, you may prefer round curves and a limited palette of colour.

Good luck with your search and always remain patient. Remember, there are millions of Art Deco rugs from which to choose.


Image courtesy of Pantone

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