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Silk Rugs

Posted on 28 April 2014

Silk rugs are some of the most intricate and most valuable rugs in the world, they are spectacular works of art and can be very expensive. Due to the nature of silk, which is fine and strong, silk rugs can have as many as 1000 knots per square inch, requiring months of work by a team of weavers, but there is no doubt that the finished result is anything short of incredible. 

They can be 100% silk or can have silk highlights - Tabriz rugs are particularly well known for this. The highlights can add a beautiful sheen and depth to the design of the rug, making it stand out. Pure silk rugs are the finest rugs in the world, they use expensive materials and the intricate designs mean that it can take four times as long to weave a rug of the same size in silk as in wool.  These rugs can cost tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

With this, it is recommended that silk rugs go in an area where it will not be under heavy foot traffic, and many people decide to hang silk rugs on the wall to preserve them. Silk is a robust material, but it is not as strong and hard-wearing as wool, although it is less likely to warp or rot; many of the oldest surviving rugs in the world are pure silk, perhaps because they are often better cared for, or perhaps because of the hardiness of the material. 

We do not recommend that you buy a silk rug abroad, as many tourists do when on holiday. Unfortunately there are many dealers who will sell you an artificial silk rug instead, and often it can be very difficult to distinguish between the two. If you are considering buying a silk rug, we suggest that you buy it from a reputable dealer unless you are a collector with a keen eye. 

Artificial silk rugs can be beautiful too, and they are a great, more affordable alternative. However selling an artificial silk rug and labeling it as pure silk is simply wrong and not something that Pars Rug Gallery advocates. It is for this reason that we do not sell any artificial silk rugs, and all of our rugs are certified by us. 

If you are fortunate enough to own a silk rug, please do not try to clean it at home. Although light vacuuming can do it good, if it is too rough it will damage the rug. Furthermore, if anything is spilled on the rug or it is damaged, you need to take it to a specialist straight away as these rugs require special care and attention and are easily ruined by scrubbing or cleaning chemicals. 


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