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Rug Restoration

Posted on 08 April 2014
Over time, the condition of a rug will deteriorate, especially if it is in a high-traffic area or is exposed to a lot of sunlight. It might lose pile, the knots can become loose and the fringes and edges (selvages) can wear away. Colours can fade and dirt can become compacted in them. At Pars Rug Gallery, we have a workshop dedicated to cleaning and restoration, which is run by our highly skilled staff who have the expert knowledge required to take care of every type of rug, carpet, tapestry and needlepoint. It is vital that the correct procedures are followed with different types of rugs, especially silk and antique rugs which are both very valuable and often more fragile than wool carpets. Proper understanding of fibres, dyes, weaving techniques and the characteristics of these works of art helps us to restore any damage.

Holes and tears that form over time can be restored, as can any damage that is caused by moth or carpet beetle – rugs can be re-piled and re-weaved where necessary. Smoke, soot, charring and singes can be restored in the unfortunate event of fire damage, as can colour run and warping from water damage and damp. Stains and odours can be removed, and curled edges and ripples can be flattened.
Restoration of colour run, work in progress.
We endeavour to do the best job possible on your rug, and will even source wool to make sure that there is an exact colour and quality match, which is particularly important with antique rugs. Once damaged, a rug will quickly deteriorate, and it is vital that it is cleaned and restored as soon as possible. In the event of a flood or water damage occurring to your rug, if it is left it can quickly rot and cause further damage that, although not impossible to fix, will be very costly.
Restoration of a large burn to a Persian Farahan.

Before any rug enters our restoration workshop it has to be cleaned for health and safety reasons, and a no-obligation restoration quote is free for every rug. We will collect and deliver any rug for no charge within 100 miles; with a small charge thereafter depending on whereabouts you are based.

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