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Persian Qum Rugs

Posted on 28 March 2014
Qum is an important weaving centre in Iran, but weaving has only taken place there since the 1930s when it was brought to the city by merchants from Kashan. The Qum province is 100km south of Tehran, and has a population of over two million people. The city of Qum itself is the 8th largest city in Iran, and is a holy city for Shia Muslims, with the shrine of Fatima Masumeh attracting many pilgrims from across the globe.
Qum Detail

Qum rugs are some of the highest quality rugs in the world, they use the highest quality Persian silk throughout and can be up to 1200kpsi. Although they are influenced by traditional Persian and Caucasian designs, the city of Qum has no traditional designs of its own because it only recently began weaving, and with this, Qum rugs differ from traditional Persian styles. They often use a landscape composition, with curved lines and small, all-over designs, which are highly ornate and intricate. Floral patterns from Isfahan motifs, including leaves and vines are popular and are meticulous in their design. A panelled composition can create the most ornate Qum rugs, with stunning patterns and motifs in each panel.

The traditional Persian knot is used, and colours can be rich and vivid, usually on a dominant beige background. Red, blue and ivory are common, but it is not unusual to see earthy tones such as pale yellows, browns and oranges.
These pure silk Persian rugs tend to be small to medium sized and are generally quite expensive because of the incredible workmanship and high quality materials that are used. Many people decide to have them hanging on the walls as framed works of art where they can be truly admired as the masterpieces that they are. In Qum, rugs are woven in small workshops or even in the home, very few are made each year, and they can never be mass-produced or even well-replicated because of the uniqueness of each piece. This keeps the price high and many Qum rugs are bought as investments as their value will never decrease; although there can be no antique Qums as of yet (antique rugs are 100+ years old), an old or vintage Qum in fantastic condition can be incredibly valuable.

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