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London Rugs?Not a problem. We supply all over the country

Posted on 07 August 2015
I want to write to you today about London rugs, or more precisely about Pars Rug Gallery, which supplies London and all the UK with fine handmade rugs.
Why? So I can open your mind to the magical world of Oriental rugs
When I first started working at Pars Rug Gallery I thought that this was just about a small Oriental rug shop in Romsey, Hampshire. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Welcome to Rug Land, as Arash says…
The pillar of Pars Rug Gallery is director and owner Arash Karimzadeh, who is a very busy man.
Due to his extensive knowledge and experience he is the soul of the company. As a Persian who grew up in a family which has dealt in rugs for four generations, Arash studied history and the relative influences on the weaving industry at university.

LONDON RUGS -pars rug gallery - rugs southampton

Today he continuously seeks the finest antique rugs from all over the world.
With his passion, knowledge and dedication it is no understatement to say that rugs are his daily bread. Indeed, Arash can tell you everything about a rug just by looking at it for a few seconds. It is truly unbelievable.

pars rug gallery - british museum - london rugs

Despite his extensive knowledge and expertise, he is also a very humble person. He is also a good boss, honest person and extremely kind (I am not writing these things because he will probably read them one day, but because it is genuinely my opinion).
It’s fair to say that Persian rug knowledge runs through his veins.

Southampton, London rugs and
UK in general: We are everywhere

Did you know? We have two other UK showrooms (Hartley Wintney and Hungerford) and a large warehouse in Southampton. Our rugs can also be found in other locations, such as interior designers’ shops, and that’s not all…

We are truly omnipresent right across the UK. Every day we are in a different city in a different part of the country. Nobody here is afraid of driving long distances to deliver the best customer service possible.

Are you looking for London rugs? What about Southampton rugs? Not a problem.

At Pars Rug Gallery we can reach any destination. We are heavily involved in the London rug scene, which represents a very vibrant market for us.

london rugs - pars rug gallery -delivery

Currently we travel to London at least twice a week. We also ship internationally.

London Rugs? It’s never been so easy…

London is a spectacular city with plenty of culture, entertainment and business opportunities. But it’s usually busy and sometimes doing shopping can become overwhelming.

london rug - pars rug gallery
So why not ask someone to visit you with the items that interest you? That is exactly what we offer.

We can visit your home in London (or any other part of the UK) with a selection of rugs that reflect your preferences for size, colours, styles, materials and prices.
That is also why many rug enthusiasts in London use us. You can just sit comfortably and take a look at our collection, with no obligation to buy.

home approval

We also offer a home approval service whereby you can ask to try some rugs at home and see which ones work best for you.

Who are our clients?
What can I say about our customers? I must admit they are lovely. I enjoy speaking with them on the phone. They are normally very polite and understanding.

london rugs -
We have clients from all over the country (mostly from London). We do have private clients, collectors, other companies, but also government institutions.

Our customers are people who are looking for very special and unique pieces. Rugs are not pure decorations. Rather, they are investments that end up stealing our affections.

london rugs - aubusson - pars rug gallery
Our clients are able to see beyond their primary function and ultimately understand their value. Please note: Pars Rug Gallery rugs are all handmade and of the very finest quality. They are not the items you commonly find in shops.

What is Pars Rug Gallery?

london rugs -buy - UK -Pars rug gallery
Pars Rug Gallery is London rugs, Southampton rugs, Bristol rugs etc… But mostly we are about culture, devotion, expertise, hard work and uniqueness.
Contact us if you want to see more items from our collection.

We also provide professional rug care services. Call or email to find out more.



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