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Large Persian Rugs: One of the hottest trends in interior design

Posted on 21 April 2015

The eternal quarrel about small or big rugs under the coffee table has finally come to an end. It is official: this year is all about finding and showing off large Persian rugs

As the trend takes hold, everyone seems to be looking for large Persian rugs to finish the look of their homes.

And even celebrities cannot resist.
Find out here who has caught large Persian
rugs fever…




Large Persian rugs in celebrities’ homes

Johnny Deep and his new wife
Super-famous actor Johnny Depp chose a large Persian rug for his bedroom. He must love them. In fact, the rug is the main source of character in the room. It is bold, vibrant and very striking.


large persian rugs


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Savannah home
A very nice and perhaps antique Persian rug was chosen by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for their Savannah home. The piece blends with the house’s formal style harmoniously. This type of rug will make your home amazingly stylish and chic.

large persian rugs


Ellen Degeneres
TV presenter Ellen Degeneres is very knowledgeable about large Persian rugs. She has more than one in her beautifully decorated villa. Also, look at the super-size Oriental rug in the dining room. It is undoubtedly a stunning piece that would be quite at home in a museum.

large persian rugs


Adam Levine
Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine seems to have a fine taste for interior design. He was able to combine his large Persian rug with a purple velvet sofa. The rug is incredibly large and its eclectic look reflects his artistic soul.

large persian rugs


Choosing a large Persian rug for your interior:

If you love rugs, a large Persian rug can bring a sophisticated look to your rooms. But be careful because getting it right isn’t always easy.

Here are helpful some tips on choosing large Persian rugs:
Size: Don’t buy a large Persian rug if your room is only just big enough to accommodate it. This could make the room appear smaller.
Budget: If you have a limited budget you should avoid this purchase. A cheap rug threatens to lower the overall quality of your décor. You would be better to buy a smaller rug that you can transfer to another room later on.
Mood: If you are an extrovert you should consider the colours of your large Persian rug very carefully. It’s a big investment, so try to select neutral colours. Also, think about what it might look like if you redecorate.
Existing pieces: If you already have a lot of texture-based décor, such as pillows, curtains, throws, you should probably go for a sober look by minimising the rug’s size.

We all know that a floor without a rug is bare and cold, so it is always advisable to dress it. A large Persian rug is without doubt a very good choice.


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