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Kurdish Rugs

Posted on 12 April 2014
Kurdish rugs are very diverse, and can be of almost any designs and colours. The Kurds are an ancient Iranian tribe, who were around before the time of Christ. Nowadays they live in west Iran, east Turkey and Iraq, and the mountains of Persian Azerbaijan. The regions of Iranian Kurdistan and north-west Persia have overlapped for many years, and there are many clans and subgroups within the scattered Kurdish tribes. Although mostly Caucasian motifs and designs are used, each group produces individual designs.

Antique Kurdish rugs can be floral, geometric, and have curved or straight lines. They can tell stories, have medallion patterns or all over designs. They are bright and eye-catching, often using colours such as terracotta, blues, lime greens, saffron, pinks, yellows and oranges. The most common style comes from the Jaff tribe, who use a lot of all-over floral designs; the tribe is one of the largest, with an estimated population of half a million people. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in their region and political events, the quality of their weaving has declined, which has meant that old and antique Jaff Kurdish rugs are very valuable. The wool that was traditionally used, and which is found in these antique rugs is very silky which gives it a bright lustre, and a Turkish knot is always used.

Traditional Kurdish rugs can be ‘read’, by following the symbols that are used and noting the sequence that they are in. Kurdish women have always been the weavers, and many of their rugs tell their stories. There is a tremendous amount of diversity between the different Kurdish tribes nowadays, with some still living very nomadic lifestyles, and others living in small cities that have become far more economically developed. The Kurdish weavings reflect this, and each rug is unique to the area from which it came.

Unlike many other types of rugs, the Kurdish weavings have received very little attention from the rest of the world, and subsequently they are a little more unusual than many other types. At Pars Rug Gallery we have a selection of Kurdish rugs, many of which are antique

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