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Kilim rugs UK summer trend

Posted on 26 May 2015

Have you heard about the kilim rugs UK summer trend? If not, here is a rundown of all the places you are likely to find kilim rugs in 2015. And they’re not only on the floor…

That’s because their distinctive patterns make them suitable for a whole range of different objects. In fact, with a bit of creativity and imagination you can transform a kilim rug into almost anything.





Kilim rugs UK: Find out where you are likely to see them this summer…

The UK kilim rug trend has affected everything from interior design to fashion. In this article we will show you the best kilim applications, from standard area rugs through to kilim walls and even animals.
Simply see below for ideas on how to follow the kilim trend and be fashionable this summer. 

1. Kilim rugs
Rugs are certainly the most popular items for channelling the original kilim aesthetic. These rugs are usually produced to dress flooring.

2. Kilim cushions and stools
Always present in the interior designers toolkit, kilim cushions and stools are widespread. These items usually exhibit traditional kilim designs on bold backgrounds.

kilim rugs uk -stool -pars rug galelry

3. Kilim bags and shoes

Other kilim must-haves of the season are bags and shoes. A good tip is to try to imagine how they would look when paired.
Although kilim bags may seem like very modern items, they are in fact very ancient items. Indeed, nomadic tribes used to weave kilim bags for all sorts of everyday purposes.


4. Kilim accessories

kilim rugs uk -dress white and Kilim accessories

It’s not just about bags and shoes. You can create a fabulous summer look with a range of kilim accessories. Another great idea is to introduce a white linen dress, which creates a strong contrast and is another fashionable item for summer 2015.

Did you notice the kilim scarf in the collage?kilim rugs uk ; scarf british museum This remarkable item can be purchased at the British Museum in London.





5. Kilim dresses
If you want to go wild with the kelim craze you might like to try on a kilim dress for a fully patterned, colourful and daring look.

kilim rugs uk -dress

6. Kilim furniture
Browsing the Web you can find many pieces of kilim-dressed furniture. For example, this pretty chest of drawers reflects the trend very well.

7. Kilim walls
When it comes to walls, kilim patterns can be applied in different ways. One option is to go for kilim wallpaper. Alternatively, you may choose to paint your walls with a geometric design.

kilim rugs uk - kilim walls
Another option is to use kilim rugs as wall-hanging and enjoy the brightness of the natural fibres.

8. Kilim sofa
By now you won’t be at all surprised to see a sofa or chair covered with a kilim rug. These items are generally high-quality pieces of furniture upholstered with fine yet resistant kilim rugs. Just take a look at this sumptuous wing chair

kilim rugs uk - Wing chair - Pars rug gallery

Do you intend to follow the kilim trend this summer? Do you have top quality kelim items that make you feel proud? If so, please post a photo on our Facebook timeline, we’d love to see it.

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