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Kazak Rugs & Carpets

Posted on 06 November 2013

Kazak rugs are among the most prized of the Caucasian rugs; they are a type of Armenian rug, most often woven by people in Armenia and Afghanistan. Kazak rugs are not associated with a particular tribe, as the small town is a mixture of Muslim Turkic, Christian Armenians and Kurdish tribes. The Armenians were one of the first groups of people to weave oriental rugs and have been doing so for over 2000 years, meaning that they know what they’re doing. With this, Kazaks are of the highest quality, with natural dyes and handspun wool. They are hand woven, and were traditionally made by the women in the community.

Kazaks feature beautiful designs, and have a rich colour palette including red, blue, yellow and green. They can have all-over patterns, but commonly feature elaborate medallion compositions, with a border consisting of three to five stripes. Strong, bold designs, straight lines and geometric shapes give Kazaks their distinctive image, and many of the symbols are very meaningful, often telling stories or depicting animals, people and every day life. The colours are bright and energetic, and the large-scale designs of Kazaks make them highly collectable.

A number of Kazaks have three medallions; it is also common to only have one large medallion, although it is unusual to see a Kazak with two. With triple-medallion Kazaks, two medallions are typically in one colour, normally blue or white, and the other is the opposite, whilst the field is often red. There are many different types of Kazaks that are weaved in the Caucasus, each with slightly different designs that can include swastikas, stars, trees of life, tiles, multiple medallions, cruciform medallions, latch hooks and lots more. Kazaks are very desirable, and work well in a contemporary setting as a design feature, meaning that many interior designers and home owners are always on the look out for the best examples of the sought-after Kazak rug.

At Pars Rug Gallery we have a wide range of Kazak rugs and carpets, why not pop in or get in touch to find out more.


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