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Inside celebrity homes: Luxury rugs and more

Posted on 02 March 2015
Are you curious to see Miley Cyrus’ bedroom? Or maybe you would be more interested in Jared Leto’s living room? We examined the Very Important People (VIP)’s homes to find out their favourite luxury rugs.
Sit back and relax: Look at those nice interior décor and start to dream.


Celebrity homes laid bare: Exclusive luxury rugs

As a general rule, celebrities do not tend to have fitted carpet in their homes, they rather prefer shining marble floor or top quality wooden floors. They also like to embellish them with unique pieces, such as precious luxury rugs.

Taylor Swift in Red

luxury rugs
Taylor’s home in Beverly Hills is very cosy. Look at her living room, perhaps a bit overdressed. At first sight we spot the red colour, she must love it: Not only two red sofas, but also an extra-large red Oriental rug.

Pure Miley Cyrus

luxury rugs
Miley chose a very bright and white rug for her home: Spotless and pure, it represents Hanna Montana’s period.

Jared Leto and his passion for Orient

luxury rugs
This is an exclusive photo of the new and quite distinctive house of the famous singer Jared Leto: It is impossible not to be impressed by the abundance of Oriental theme décor, such as the beautiful Oriental rug.

Fifty shades of grey: Christian Gray’s living room

luxury rugs
Christian Gray is the main character of the popular erotic trilogy written by James. In the first movie of the series, the sexy Christian Gray owns an amazing flat with marble floor. The apartment is quite minimal, but thanks to the superb turquoise rug the living room feels more alive.

Paris Hilton’s rooftop

luxury rugs
As we all know Paris has homes around the globes. In the picture, we see the rooftop of her small Manhattan apartment, a very nice space to invite friends. The really clever idea to copy is the extra-large size rug which allows guests to walk comfortably bare feet.

Tom Cruise’s cottage

luxury rugs
A very massive cottage for Tom Cruise for his mountain holiday in Colorado: 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The lovely pink kilim in the living room makes the atmosphere more welcoming.

Lady Gaga’s villa

luxury rugs
Lady Gaga has a wonderful princess’ villa in Malibu: An extraordinary garden, a swimming pool, a spacious living room and many more rooms for entertaining her guests. Rugs are all over the villa, but one of the most noticeable is the soft grey velvet rug in her bedroom.

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Image Courtesy of lonny.com

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