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How to choose rugs for bedrooms

Posted on 20 May 2015

How to choose rugs for bedrooms is something we get asked about a lot. If you are looking for guidance on the subject, simply take a look at this short guide.

Even though choosing a rug may seem quite straightforward, it often isn’t. In theory you just go to a shop and pick the one that appeals to you the most, achieving instant success. However, in reality it can be very different.
So, how to choose rugs for bedrooms?


How to choose rugs for bedrooms

How to choose rugs for bedrooms

When you walk into a rug gallery to choose a rug for your bedroom, remember to bear the following things in mind.

Lighting: Where is your room exposed? If your room is oriented towards the North the natural light you get will be very cold, so try to avoid cold colours. Otherwise you risk creating a very unwelcoming atmosphere.

Colour scheme: It can seem tempting to buy a rug that is consistent with the colour scheme of your bedroom. However, this idea should be pondered carefully. That’s because too close a match can make the room appear neutral and boring. Remember, a strong contrast can create a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Please note: to avoid a catastrophic mismatch you can always bring in pillows or a throw to match the rug.

How to choose rugs for bedroomsRug colours: There is no precise rule for choosing the colour of your rug. Simply bear in mind the established rules of interior design. If your room is quite small a very dark rug will tend to absorb more light, making the room feel smaller. On the other hand, a very bright rug will brighten up the atmosphere.

Rug dimensions: The dimensions of a rug depend more on your personal taste and budget. Don’t be afraid to place a larger rug partly under the bed.

Materials: Materials depend on the style you originally adopted for your bedroom, and also on the existing textures.


How to choose rugs for bedrooms: Style and inspirations

Depending on the décor of your bedroom you might be more inclined toward one type of rug over another. Here are some style suggestions:

Traditional style
If you are a traditional person with a traditionally furnished bedroom, you might like to consider a handwoven Afghan rug. A traditional Mahal could be ideal. These rugs are available in different colours, from pale colours like light blue to very bold colours like red.How to choose rugs for bedrooms

Contemporary style
If your bedroom has a contemporary look and you like minimalist design concepts, you should opt for a modern rug. Don’t forget, even a modern rug can be hand-knotted so there is no need to compromise on quality.How to choose rugs for bedrooms

Formal style
If you want to make your room fit for a Queen there are two rugs that will complement your décor perfectly.How to choose rugs for bedrooms

The first option is a luxurious Persian silk rug, perhaps with pink shades. Silk rugs are very expensive but their astonishing visual effect, as well as their tactile effect, makes them worth every penny.


The second option is a Chinese Aubusson, which is considerably cheaper. This rug is made from a different material and is characterised by appealing designs and attractive colours.




Rustic style
If your bedroom has a rustic and natural style, then a Kilim rug is the perfect piece of décor to dress your floor. Kilims give you a very wide choice of style, from stripes through to a complex and colourful geometric pattern.How to choose rugs for bedrooms

The most important thing is that you like your rug and feel comfortable with your choice. After all, there are few things worse than an unwanted item in the bedroom.



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