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Heriz Carpets

Posted on 02 May 2014

40 miles west of Tabriz, a large weaving centre, lies the town of Heriz. Carpets woven here take many influences from Tabriz and Caucasian designs while creating designs of their own.

Heriz carpets are tribal, with strong geometric shapes. They can feature all-over patterns but are most commonly known for their six or eight-sided central medallions (such as in the image). The colours used are earthy; deep reds and browns, but often with an ivory field. Other colours that are used can include blue and green, but red is the most prevalent.

These rugs and carpets are quite large, with sizes often exceeding 3m x 2m. These large rugs are ideal for many western homes and it is their colours and size that make them popular. Similarly, the balanced colour schemes where the darker colours are contrasted with lighter fields provide a colour palette that is quite easy to design a room around. 

Not the finest of weavings, Heriz carpets have between 20 - 120 knots per square inch. However they are known for their incredible durability and hard-wearing nature. This is caused by the copper-content in the water which is consumed by the sheep which produce the wool; Heriz lies on one of the largest known copper deposits in the world and thus copper traces are necessarily in the water. This both strengthens the wool and helps the dyes used to stay vivid for many years. 

Antique Heriz's are very valuable and often are in fantastic condition even as they age. The wool is very soft to the touch, but strong and long-lasting. Silk Heriz carpets do exist although these are far less common. 

At Pars Rug Gallery we have a selection of antique rugs including the much-desired Heriz rugs. Let us know what you are looking for and we will endeavour to get back to you with your perfect carpet. 

Image: Antique Persian Heriz, 252cm x 346cm. 1890, fantastic condition. £7,000. 

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