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Choosing a Rug Part 3 - The Future

Posted on 06 May 2014
Rugs can last for many years if correctly looked after, and if you're planning to have your rug for a long time you may have to choose more wisely. For example, that antique handwoven rug might look fantastic in your current home, but what about in your next home? Or when you decide to redecorate? A large rug can dominate a room, and it can be difficult to make best use of it in the future. 
Typically, lighter colour rugs give more options when it comes to choosing colours and furniture for a room, while darker colours is more restricting. Similarly, a modern kilim with bright colours will stand out best in a bright room, and a thick pile rug will always feel more cosy. 

Many people who purchase a handwoven rug or carpet wish to keep it for a long time, and few buy a rug with the intentions of selling it in the future. However, if you move house, redecorate or have children suddenly running about you may have to reconsider where your rug goes, and rugs can often end up in storage in a loft, garage or storage unit; especially when they are left by family members. In these cases, perhaps it is better to try to sell the rug or give it to family rather than leave it in storage where it will be unappreciated and will eventually get damaged. 

It is worth remembering that not all rugs have investment value - of course, there is always value in an antique hand woven rug in great condition, especially if it is silk or an unusual design. Many people have no idea how much their rug may be worth, but if a rug has not been cleaned for a long time or has visible damage, the value will decrease. It is worth getting your rugs cleaned professionally, not only to keep them looking bright, but also to increase the longevity and of course, for hygiene reasons. 

On the other hand, many people fall in love with their rugs and will always find somewhere for it to go and be appreciated. They become personal treasures and even passed down through many generations of families. 

If you would like to know the condition, type and value of your rug, we offer a valuation service for a small fee. One of our experts will come to see it and provide a written certificate of authentication with all of the details that you may need. 

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