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Choosing a Rug Part 1 - Size

Posted on 15 March 2014
Although flooring is often an afterthought when it comes to decorating and furnishing a room, it is one of the best ways to really tie it all together and finish the room off, but it is difficult to do last thing. Not only is the size and proportion important, but it is much more difficult to match an Oriental or Persian rug to a furnished room than it is to start with the design of the rug (or at least have an idea in mind) and work around it.

Getting the size right is very important – a small rug in the middle of a large room can look very odd, as does a large rug that leaves very little room for anything else. Although it is generally better to be over-generous on the rug size, this does not work for everyone or every room. It depends much more on the furniture that you have. If you have a large sofa, a tiny rug won’t work, similarly, if you’re planning to put a rug as the main floor covering in the room, it is best to leave about a foot of space all the way around the edge.

If you have a rug in either a bedroom, lounge or dining room, it will look much better to have all the furniture completely on it, or only around the edge. Having half on – half off furniture can make the room look too small or the rug look too big. Around a dining table you should have a large enough rug so that when people are sitting on the chairs they still comfortably have all four legs on it. For most dining tables, a 2.5m x 3.5m rug is usually large enough.

At Pars Rug Gallery we offer a home-approval service where we will bring the rugs out to you to see what they look like in your home, it will prevent you from buying the wrong size or colour. If needs be, we will leave the rug or a selection of rugs with you for a few days for you to try out.

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