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Caucasian Rugs

Posted on 01 March 2014

The Caucasus is a region on the border of Asia and Europe, between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. This area includes Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Dagestan. There are over 50 different ethnic groups and dozens of languages spoken by the 11.2 million people that live in the region.

These areas were within Iranian boundaries until the 1840s, and were considered some of the most civilised and cultural areas of the Persian Empire at the time. Rugs have been produced in the Caucasus since the 1780s, and Iran and the Caucasus have influenced one another equally in the art of rug making. As a result of migration of different tribes, the influence has been very widespread as people moved about. For example, the Luri and Kurdish tribes moved from west Iran to the Caucasus and both influenced those around them and took influences from the people around their new homes.

Around the 16th century the Qashqai tribe moved from the Caucasus to the province of Pars in order to defend the south of Iran from the Portuguese invasion, they settled there afterwards and Qashqai has become a huge centre for rug weaving in Iran.

Antique Caucasian rugs are highly sought after and are collected by many in the Western world; they are rarely larger than 5ft x 8ft and are known for their striking designs. Bold patterns, large geometric designs and primary colours are common. The designs are much more primitive than many Persian rugs because they are small village weavings rather than from large weaving cities. The most common styles are Kazak, Shirvan, Karabagh and Boku, which each have their own styles and patterns, as well as Qashqai rugs which are still created in central Iran today but maintain much of their traditional Caucasian influence.

Pars Rug Gallery have a wide range of antique rugs from all over the Caucasus and the rest of the weaving regions, as well as contemporary rugs and very modern art deco designs

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