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Benefits of Having a Rug Professionally Cleaned

Posted on 15 April 2014
As we have explored in our blog previously, hand woven rugs are works of art, and should be treated as such. These beautiful, often unique pieces are the result of many hours of labour and generations of knowledge and skills, and it is for this reason that they are so highly valued, both in monetary terms and for sentimental reasons. They can be in areas of heavy traffic, but even if they are not often walked over they will still be subjected to wear and tear and it is important that they are cleaned every few years to preserve them. A rug can last well over a century if it is correctly maintained and cared for.

One of the most important reasons for getting your rug professionally cleaned by a specialist rug company is that thorough dusting will take place. This is one of the most important steps to having a clean rug. Dust, dirt and grit that gathers in the carpet over time can compact together to form crystals in the foundation of the rug, creating an abrasive surface. These crystals, which are sand-like, can damage and even tear holes in the rug if they are left. Alternatively, the water used to clean the rug can mix with this layer of dust and dirt to create a muddy texture, which will quickly worsen the condition of the rug. Any trapped moisture can also lead to rot, so it is worth using a professional service that takes the rug away to a workshop and beats the dust out of it, several times if necessary. It is important to remember that if your rug has not been cleaned for a very long time it is impossible to remove all of the dust, but we always endeavour to remove as much as possible.

The rug cleaning process is a long one, and the time spent on one rug can be hours or even days if it is very dirty. If there are stains, we can test them to find out exactly what caused them and which chemicals will remove them. If there is any damage that needs restoration we can give you an estimated cost to get the work done. Pars Rug Gallery are also one of the few companies in the UK that have the specialist knowledge and expertise to correct colour run. Every rug is pre-tested to ensure that the colours will not run during cleaning, but if you have a rug that has previous colour run damage, we can correct that for you.

The carpet will be washed, groomed and hung up to dry. Our service is much more than just a surface clean – it is a very thorough process that guarantees your rug will look fantastic and the colours bright again when it is returned to you. Carpet cleaners who specialise in fitted carpets do not have the appropriate knowledge to clean a rug, and they will only do a surface clean which does not do a complete job.

At Pars Rug Gallery we take pride in our high levels of workmanship and the brilliant results that we produce, often cleaning and restoring rugs that are family heirlooms and treasured pieces. We offer cleaning and restoration for any type of rug, carpet, tapestry or needlepoint, whether it is antique or contemporary.

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