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Battersea Decorative Fair

Posted on 27 January 2014

The Decorative Antiques & Textile fair takes place three times a year in Battersea Park, London. It has been enticing international trade, designers and customers for over 25 years, seeking one-off pieces, unusual items and fabulous accessories.

This year the Winter Decorative Fair took place from Tuesday the 21st to Sunday the 26th of January, and once again Pars Rug Gallery were thrilled to be invited to attend. Setting up an impressive stand the day before the fair began, many of our finest rugs and carpets were put on display. Arash, owner of Pars Rug Gallery, spent much of the week there with his right-hand man Gabriel and our skilled rug restorer Ali, attracting potential customers, antique dealers, collectors and even those who knew nothing about rugs (that is before they got chatting to Arash!).
Known to be an event full of unusual antiques and statement pieces, our Oriental rugs certainly stood out from the crowd. Fantastic designs and colours caught the eye of many visitors to the fair. Ali set about his work, reweaving patterns into rugs and restoring any areas that needed doing for all to see, which provoked many questions and conversations from the crowds, who were impressed at seeing such an unusual job being done right in front of them.

Pars Rug Gallery had a fantastic week at The Decorative Fair, and we cannot wait to be part of the Spring Fair in April (29th April – 4th May 2014). We met some great people, including customers and other rug and antique dealers.

Right: Arash and Ali

Left: Gabriel and Ali

Top: Pars Rug Gallery stand


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