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Art Deco Rugs

Posted on 26 November 2013

Art deco is a style that first emerged in France just after WWI, it was popular throughout the 1930s and 1940s across much of Europe before waning after WWII. The style was modern, eclectic and bold, surrounded by the embrace of technology and a culture that was transforming after the war. During its most popular era, the Art Deco movement represented luxury, glamour and exuberance, and it was seen in architecture, design, art, fashion, furniture and even cars.

Art Deco rugs were initially created to fit in with the trends of the time, as antique rugs that had been made before the war did not suit the décor and furnishings that were considered modern; society and technology was moving forwards rapidly and a new style was required. The most coveted rugs and carpets were created in France, Scandinavia and China, who were leaders in the Art Deco movement. Many rugs were created elsewhere around Europe as the Art Deco designs spread.

Rugs made in this time and style are characterized by their unusual designs, including asymmetric patterns, circles, geometric shapes, abstract motifs and often combinations of bold and muted colours, or even of light and dark. Designs from this period took influence from styles of art including neoclassical, cubism, modernism and constructivism. Art Deco rugs and carpets can be any colour and have any design; some are very minimalist while others have lavish ornamentation.

Designs could be interpretations of famous works of art, convey an emotion or depict a scene in an abstract way. The patterns that had been popular before on the antique Oriental and Persian rugs were avoided as to embrace the change in society and design styles.

Nowadays, rugs made at the start of the Art Deco movement could soon be considered antique (over 80 years old), creating a new antique, contemporary combination. Most rugs and carpets that have modernist designs are often called Art Deco, and new Art Deco rugs are made all the time as demand for them is still strong. At Pars Rug Gallery we have a full range of contemporary Art Deco rugs to suit your needs.


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