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Antique and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Posted on 06 January 2014

Rugs and carpets are surprisingly robust and can last for a very long time providing that they are appropriately cared for. A rug should be cleaned every two to three years depending on how much foot traffic it is exposed to, or perhaps more regularly than that if the volume of traffic is exceptionally high. Most handwoven rugs are made from cotton and wool, although they can also be made entirely of wool or even pure silk. Silk rugs have a lustrous quality and really stand out, and silk highlights in a wool rug can depict the pattern to emphasise the elaborate nature of it.

Our rug cleaning service is comprehensive and guaranteed to give stunning results. Arash Karimzadeh, owner of Pars Rug Gallery and an Oriental rug expert, knows the best methods to clean different types of rugs and what the work involves; for example, a Chinese rug will have a very thick pile and thus will take more time and effort to be cleaned than a Persian rug with a thinner pile or a flat woven cotton kilim. We see handwoven rugs as works of art, which all need to be treated with care and consideration.

The cleaning process is a very thorough one; to begin with, the rug is put through a large 'beating' machine, which is essentially a modern, hi-tech version of an old fashioned beating stick. Beating the rug helps to remove any embedded dirt or grit that you may not even have known was there. With rugs that have not been cleaned for a long time, we might have to put the rug through this process more than once to get better results.

After this, the rugs are hand washed using a p.H neutral shampoo and cold water as to prevent causing the vegetable dyes to fade or run. For best results, they are always hung up to dry. We never use abrasive chemical shampoos or industrial carpet cleaning machines as these will only cause damage to the rug. The cleaning process usually has a three week turnaround from the day that we collect it from you, although any restoration work will take longer.

Every rug we clean is moth proofed for 6 months as part of the service, but we can also remove stains, colour run, spots and unpleasant odours. If necessary, specialist deep cleaning can be carried out too.

They have to be cleaned before any rug restoration work can be done, both for health and safety reasons (we don't want our workshop infested with moth) and so that we can see the full extent of the restoration work that needs doing. Our Oriental rug restoration service is incredibly comprehensive, and we will endeavour to fix any rug. We can repair holes, burns and tears, as well as restore frayed edges or fringes. More complicated repairs that we can do include re-weaving and re-piling of damaged rugs, whether it has been damaged by fire, water, spills, pets, moths or anything else, and we aim to find an exact colour match for the materials used so that the repair work is almost invisible. Curled edges, stretching, warping and folds can all be fixed and we promise that you will not be disappointed with your rug when it is returned. We take pride in doing these repairs correctly and making sure that customers are pleased with the results.

Our prices include VAT, collection and delivery of your rug. We can quote for cleaning over the phone or by email if you know the size and material of your rug, but restoration can only be quoted when one of our team can see the rug for themselves. Get in touch to book a no obligation appointment today!

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austin lopez
21 June 2016 at 13:04
Carpets require full care and this site provides tips to care carpets and can last for a very long time.

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