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7 things you can do with a Kelim rug

Posted on 02 June 2015

A kelim, more commonly known as a kilim, is a type of rug mostly woven in Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, Iran and Eastern Europe. It is easy to distinguish because it is a flat-weave rug composed of a cotton and wool mix.

Kelims are very interesting items, rich in history and cultural significance. In modern times they have been adapted to satisfy more contemporary tastes and are often made in workshops.

However, you can still find tribal kelims woven by nomadic tribes.

In this article we reveal some creative and quirky ideas for your Kelim rug. Just take a look at this…

Transform your Kelim….

1. A kelim dressed as a painting
You can easily frame and display your hand-knotted Kelim rug on the wall. This creates a quite unorthodox yet eye-catching display.

kelim - kilim rugs


2. A kelim as curtain
Kelim rugs are sometimes used as a curtain for indoor areas. For example, you can use a kelim to create a very bohemian dressing room by simply sewing along the border and putting a thread inside.
Alternatively, you could use the same idea to divide a room into two parts. This is a clever way to create more utility in the space.

3. Kelim cushions

Do you have an old Kelim that you don’t wish to restore? Then why not alter it to create some attractive cushion covers? This endeavour brings a strong wow-factor, as well as a definite talking point.

4. A Kelim dressed as a bed head
A kelim used as bed head makes a bold statement in any bedroom. This option blends well with Oriental style décor, and also with a more cosy style if you use modern kelims with
particularly vibrant colours and extravagant patterns.

5. A Kelim used as a throw
Who said a Kelim has to stay on the floor? Why not put your Kelim on something? For example, you could fold your kelim at the lower end of the bed and use it as a throw. The visual effect will be brilliant, especially if you have other kelim-covered items nearby.

kelim rug
Another functional option would be to put your Kelim on the upper part of the sofa. This will help to prevent wear and tear.

6. Kelims as strategic decorations
Kelims may be used in several clever ways to brighten up a dull part of the house. For example, does your washing machine occupy a visible space? Then why not cover it with a Kelim?


kelim - kilim rugs -outside shop

Your guests will compliment you on the beautiful rug rather than having to look past the electrical appliance.

Also, if you have a very old and scruffy door you can easily camouflage it by nailing on a Kelim rug. Just be sure to use very small nails like panel pins.





7. Kelims for a colourful Indian tent
If you have children then building a tent with Kelim rugs can produce a lot of fun. On one hand your children will love to play in it. On the other hand you will have a place to store toys and games that is easy on the eye.


Did you enjoy reading about alternative uses for Kelim rugs? For more inspiration simply read our article about Kelim fashion objects.


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