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7 things to keep in mind… Don’t buy a rug without reading this article

Posted on 29 September 2015
If you want to buy a rug the temptation to choose the cheapest or the most instantly appealing is likely to be high. That is why we have put together this list of 7 things to consider before making such a decision.

Importantly, a rug looks very different in a shop compared to a home setting. As a result, you should definitely take your time in pondering your final decision.

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1. Light: The light in your room should be a major concern when choosing a rug. In fact, some rugs can make a room feel smaller. Therefore be careful if you have a small room, and definitely avoid busy-looking rugs and dark-coloured rugs.

2. Warm it up: Few things are better than a good bit of texture to give a room a warm atmosphere. Pile and shaggy rugs can help a room feel cosier. Also, a rug can substitute other sources of texture in a room to avoid clutter.

3. Anti-slip underlays: Don’t panic about slipping when you see a beautiful flat woven rug. This problem is easily solved by underlays that ensure your rug will stay put. Flat woven rugs are ideal for heavy transit rooms and are often colourful and easy to maintain.

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4. Interior Décor style: Your rug doesn’t necessarily have to match the style of your décor. For example, if you are keen on modern settings, but you love traditional Persian rugs, just buy the rug you like. Modern spaces coupled with traditional or even antique pieces represent a stunning solution. So be brave and mix different styles to create your ‘me look’.

5. Space: Space really matters when it comes to selecting the best rug for your home. But how do you select the right size? There are no universal rules for placing a rug correctly. Just make sure the rug is not too big for your room. Alternatively, if you don’t find a big enough carpet, you can always match various small rugs.

6. Quality: Despite being more expensive, high quality handmade rugs can be a sound financial investment. In fact, the value of rugs is likely to increase over time due to the current decline in production.

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7. Antique or new? You should buy a rug according to your taste and needs. However, some more considerations are necessary when it comes to selecting a carpet for a particular area of your home. For example, if you fell in love with a splendid antique Persian carpet that suits the colour scheme of your lounge, it can be a very good purchase. However, you should take into account the location of the room. After all, if too many people are frequenting that area you may want to think about hanging the rug on the wall as a work of art.

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Image courtesy of Elle Decor



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