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7 things Oriental rug restoration can overcome

Posted on 17 March 2015
We all know that oriental rugs deteriorate over time; therefore you might be in need of an Oriental rug restoration.
That is why many owners opt for restoration to preserve the look and feel of their rug, not to mention its value.

Spending a little money on  Oriental rug restoration sooner rather than later means you can guard against more substantial damage.


More substantial damage

If your rug is already in a poor state then don’t worry, all is not lost…
In fact, you may be surprised at the level of deterioration an Oriental rug restoration expert can reverse.
Whatever the misadventure your rug has suffered, there is usually a viable solution.
Just have a look at these common but mendable mishaps

1. Holes: If you have used your rug for a long time it is likely to have some holes.

2. Burns: Often rugs can have burns on them, especially if candles have been lit nearby.

3. Tears: Tears can appear in rugs, particularly if furniture has been placed on top.

4. Mould: Sometimes mould can appear on rugs, especially if they have been kept in storage for years.

5. Spills: Regular social gatherings mean that rugs will inevitably fall victim to food and drink spills.

6. Flooding: Excess water can leave your rug looking all washed out.

7. Frayed edges and fringes: Pets are typical culprits for this kind of rug damage.

Important Oriental rug restoration tip
Oriental rug restoration is a very technical art.
You definitely need to make sure you are dealing with the right company before commissioning a restoration.
That is because you can risk comprising the quality of your carpet forever.

And finally…
Remember, rugs are not just furnishing items.
They are part of our life-history and often hold a special place in our affections.
As owners we strive to maintain them, but sometimes we have to call in the experts.

At Pars Rug Gallery we give you a comprehensive Oriental rug restoration service, along with other fine rug restoration services.
We have an excellent track record for Oriental rug restoration: Contact us for more information.

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