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Blog on interior design & rugs

Persian Qum Rugs
Posted on 28 March 2014

Qum is an important weaving centre in Iran, but weaving has only taken place there since the 1930s when it was brought to the city by merchants from Kashan. The Qum province is 100km south of Tehran, and has a population of over two million people. The city of Qum itself is the 8th largest city in Iran, and is a holy city for Shia Muslims, with the shrine of Fatima Masumeh attracting many pilgrims from across the globe.   Qum rugs are some of the highest quality rugs in the world, they use the highest quality Persian silk throug... Read More

Kilims for Every Occasion
Posted on 21 March 2014

Kilim rugs are becoming increasingly popular, they are very recognisable and are easily distinguished from other types of rugs and carpets because they are flatwoven, meaning that they have no pile. This makes them less soft to the touch, but the slit-woven method ensures very sharp geometric designs and symbols, making them very eye-catching, stylish and never out of date. They are most commonly made from wool, and can be a range of fabulous bright colours or calmer, earthy tones, or sometimes a mix of the two. Traditiona... Read More

Choosing a Rug Part 1 - Size
Posted on 15 March 2014

Although flooring is often an afterthought when it comes to decorating and furnishing a room, it is one of the best ways to really tie it all together and finish the room off, but it is difficult to do last thing. Not only is the size and proportion important, but it is much more difficult to match an Oriental or Persian rug to a furnished room than it is to start with the design of the rug (or at least have an idea in mind) and work around it. Getting the size right is very important – a small rug in the middle of a lar... Read More

Persian Carpets
Posted on 11 March 2014

Persian carpets have been woven for thousands of years, and they are still a huge part of Persian culture today. Exporting to over 100 countries and producing over five million square metres of carpet each year, carpets are one of Iran’s biggest exports. 4/5ths of all carpets woven in Iran are sold internationally by over a million expert weavers. Nowadays, Persian carpets face a lot of competition from other countries. Those woven in countries such as Afghanistan are cheaper to export and buy but they also use many traditional Per... Read More

Caucasian Rugs
Posted on 01 March 2014

The Caucasus is a region on the border of Asia and Europe, between the Black sea and the Caspian sea. This area includes Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Dagestan. There are over 50 different ethnic groups and dozens of languages spoken by the 11.2 million people that live in the region. These areas were within Iranian boundaries until the 1840s, and were considered some of the most civilised and cultural areas of the Persian Empire at the time. Rugs have been produced in the Caucasus since the 1780s, and Iran and the Caucasus have ... Read More