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Blog on interior design & rugs

Maintaining Antique Rugs
Posted on 24 December 2013

Rugs can last hundreds of years with correct care and maintenance, and it is important that these works of art are looked after. There are many different types of damage, from foot traffic wear that occurs over time, rough vacuuming, moth damage to burns or floods. Damage should be repaired as soon as you notice it to prevent it from getting worse and ruining your rug. To prevent damage your rug you should check it regularly for moths (See our blog post here to find out more about Moth Damage). Always look at the underside of the ... Read More

Mahal Rugs
Posted on 16 December 2013

Mahal rugs are woven in the Arak district in northwest Persia, they are highly decorative and are among the most desirable of Persian village weavings. They can have all over patterns or a central medallion; traditionally they were made by families in small villages, and have a loose to moderate weave and a thick pile. These rugs often feature pastel tones such as beige and cream, but also can have earthy reds, greens and even blue tones. The medallion format is more unusual in the Mahal rugs, as they are more likely to have an all over patte... Read More

Foxi Underlay
Posted on 11 December 2013

A wooden or laminate floor can look fantastic, but they can also be a little colder and less comfortable to walk on than carpet. It is for this reason that many people who have hard floors invest in a rug or two to cover a section of the floor. An oriental rug will stand out, and it can be used to brighten up a room. Unfortunately, the biggest downside of having a rug on a wooden, laminate, or other highly polished floor is that it can become a slip hazard if there is no furniture on it. An antique rug that walks across the floor needs to be... Read More

Origins of the Pile Rug
Posted on 04 December 2013

Rugs date back thousands of years, but their history is somewhat unknown. Flatwoven rugs and floor coverings were developed all around the world by those who had developed the skills of weaving, but pile rugs have a less generalised source. From the Middle Ages, the Middle East was at the centre of the production of the knotted carpet, especially Turkey and Persia, but it seems that pile carpets did not originate from there. The woven pile rug might have fantastic designs like the flatwoven rugs, but could also have the thickness,... Read More