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Blog on interior design & rugs

Art Deco Rugs
Posted on 26 November 2013

Art deco is a style that first emerged in France just after WWI, it was popular throughout the 1930s and 1940s across much of Europe before waning after WWII. The style was modern, eclectic and bold, surrounded by the embrace of technology and a culture that was transforming after the war. During its most popular era, the Art Deco movement represented luxury, glamour and exuberance, and it was seen in architecture, design, art, fashion, furniture and even cars. Art Deco rugs were initially created to fit in with the trends of the time, as an... Read More

Antique and contemporary kilim rugs
Posted on 20 November 2013

Kilims are some of the most recognisable types of Oriental rug, they are flat woven, meaning they have no pile and are made anywhere from Pakistan to the Balkans. The word “Kilim” comes from Turkey where the word means “weft-faced tapestry”, because the wefts are pulled very tightly so that the warps cannot be seen at all apart from at the ends, where they are usually bunched into tassels. This is the simplest way to weave, and is a defining part of the Kilim rug. With this type of weave, the weft... Read More

Moth Damage
Posted on 13 November 2013

Hand made rugs can survive centuries of being walked on, but in a matter of weeks a moth infestation can ruin a rug. For rug owners and cleaners, the household moth poses a real problem, and with the threat of damage and even cross-contamination it is an issue that needs resolving. Perhaps surprisingly, it is not the moth that causes the problem but the moth larvae. Adult moths have no interest in eating wool, but females do like to lay their eggs in it, often hundreds at a time. The moth larvae will eat wool, silk, hair or just about any othe... Read More

Kazak Rugs & Carpets
Posted on 06 November 2013

Kazak rugs are among the most prized of the Caucasian rugs; they are a type of Armenian rug, most often woven by people in Armenia and Afghanistan. Kazak rugs are not associated with a particular tribe, as the small town is a mixture of Muslim Turkic, Christian Armenians and Kurdish tribes. The Armenians were one of the first groups of people to weave oriental rugs and have been doing so for over 2000 years, meaning that they know what they’re doing. With this, Kazaks are of the highest quality, with natural dyes and handspun w... Read More