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Blog on interior design & rugs

Battersea Decorative Fair
Posted on 27 January 2014

The Decorative Antiques & Textile fair takes place three times a year in Battersea Park, London. It has been enticing international trade, designers and customers for over 25 years, seeking one-off pieces, unusual items and fabulous accessories. This year the Winter Decorative Fair took place from Tuesday the 21st to Sunday the 26th of January, and once again Pars Rug Gallery were thrilled to be invited to attend. Setting up an impressive stand the day before the fair began, many of our finest rugs and carpets were put on d... Read More

Rug Weaving Areas
Posted on 17 January 2014

Rugs come from many areas of the world, with skilled weavers taking their trade with them wherever they go. Although it is thought that it was the Nomads who originally created the pile rug, the flat woven rug has been around for thousands of years with no specific origins. Since then, the art form has spread across Persia, the Orient and the Caucasus, but which rugs come from where, and where are these areas? Quite simply, a Persian rug is one which has been made in Iran, and an Oriental rug is one which has been made in any other Asia... Read More

Oriental Rug Cleaning
Posted on 16 January 2014

This winter, the UK has had some of the worst weather that it has seen in years; beginning in late October with the St Jude storm and continuing on and off all the way through until early January. High winds and heavy rain have wreaked havoc on our roads, forests, homes and coastlines, houses have fallen into the sea and over 10,000 people were without power on Christmas day. With this awful weather, thousands of homes up and down the country have been flooded, with many people still in hotels or staying with family or friends waiting... Read More

Arash's Talks: The Edenbridge Galleries, Kent.
Posted on 09 January 2014

Last year, Arash gave a number of illustrated talks to small crowds of rug and antique enthusiasts. One of these illustrated talks was at The Edenbridge Galleries, in Edenbridge, Kent, where we also have one of our showrooms. The talk was about the history of Oriental rugs, where the designs came from and what can be interpreted from the designs of the rugs. As always, he took several rugs with him to help show the audience what he was talking about. They are free to look at and touch the rugs, as well as ask a... Read More

Antique and Oriental Rug Cleaning and Restoration
Posted on 06 January 2014

Rugs and carpets are surprisingly robust and can last for a very long time providing that they are appropriately cared for. A rug should be cleaned every two to three years depending on how much foot traffic it is exposed to, or perhaps more regularly than that if the volume of traffic is exceptionally high. Most handwoven rugs are made from cotton and wool, although they can also be made entirely of wool or even pure silk. Silk rugs have a lustrous quality and really stand out, and silk highlights in a woo... Read More

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